Emergency Aid - Accident & Emergency Services

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What to do at the scene of an accident and calling the emergency services. The "Medical team" will treat "patients"
each with a different injury.

This from Easier Scouting


* Preparation Before The Meeting *
1. Print out a copy of this document ‘Instructions for the leader’
2. Print out the ‘Scenarios for the patients’ – found in this document - You will need a complete set for each hospital.

* Materials Needed *
Each emergency room should have…
 Three chairs for the waiting room
 A chair and desk for the receptionist
 Two chairs facing each other for a bed and one in the middle to make it longer for a patient that needs to lay down
 One chair for a patient that can sit upright
 Plasters, Bandages
 Cloths
 Bowl and Soap (to wash hands )
 Paper Towels to dry hands
 Magazines for the waiting room
 A pile of scenarios for the patients to pick as they walk in
 Blanket
 Plastic cup for each hospital


Detailed instructions are on the attached file.



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