Butterfly Identification & Quiz

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Learn to identify at least six butterfly species and draw the lifecycle of a butterfly, then the following week run a five minute activity to show butterflies are known as part of Naturalist Badge


Week 1 - Butterfly identification sheet for each cub
Week 2 - Butterfly Quiz sheet for each Cub & pencil


In advance of a trip to a nature park, walk or camp, (or after making butterfly feeders) ask Cubs to take home a sheet and learn the six species. Perhaps they can think up rhymes or ways to remember each one. Ask them to find out about the lifecycle of a butterfly.
The following week hand out quiz sheets and ask cubs to draw lines from the image to the correct name (only six right answers needed for the badge) - should just take 5 mins plus 5-10 mins to run through answers and asking how Cubs remember which is which. Some Cubs may need time and guidance to complete the drawing of the butterfly lifecycle on the pack night
On your walk/visit, try to spot and identify some of the butterflies.


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