Sleeping Pirates

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A fun game ideally played in a dark room, or at night


Box of Spoons


Nominate someone to be the 'Sleeper'; they are blindfolded, sat in the chair and handed the torch. A box of spoons is placed under their chair - this is the treasure the pirates must get.

The rest of the Scouts are 'Pirates' and line up at the other end of the room (the Port) and the lights turned off. A Pirate is chosen at random and they walk/crawl/slink towards the sleeper and try to steal a spoon - only one at a time though.

The Sleeper must listen out and if a noise is heard they point their torch and turn it on. If a Pirate is hit by the beam they are out and must sit where they are - quietly. Leaders will say whether Pirates are out or not. If a Pirate manages to make it back to 'Port' they hand over their 'treasure' and have another go.

Game continues until are Pirates are captured.


  • blindfolded games
  • dark
  • Quiet game

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