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Build and race a chariot around the hall


Pioneering poles/Ash poles


Scouts are challenged to build a chariot that is capable of carrying one person.
They can use any of the resources given.
Knots and Lashings have to be correct.
Basic A frame or sedan chair would be fine, or something more elaborate. Alternatively, 3 staves linked by ropes to form a V (1 at ground level, 2 at elbow level) with a lightweight scout standing on the bottom stave, holding onto the staves at elbow level).

Points awarded for imagination, correctness of knots/lashings, winning of races.

Safety Points:
- The activity area should be free of potential trip hazards
- Any trailing rope must be tied to the poles to avoid a trip hazard
- All knots must be checked before the chariot is used, as they could come undone if they are tied incorrectly
- The Scouts must listen to the rider and allow them to control the lifting, the speed and the lowering of the chariot
- The chariot must not be lifted too high, or the rider might be tipped out



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