Cane Challenge

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Scouts, in patrols, have to balance a garden cane on their forefingers and lower it to the floor. Only a few rules, they must balance the cane on the back of their fingers, stand in two rows facing one another and all fingers must maintain contact with the cane at all times.


1 garden cane per patrol, must be at least 1.5m long so Scouts are spaced out along the cane.


This is a great ice breaker and good for building team spirit within the patrols.

Stand the Scout patrol in two rows facing one another. Scouts are challenged to lower a garden cane to the floor. They must balance this on the backs of their fore fingers only. They then have to lower it to the floor. Rules are simple:
They must use both of their forefingers
They must use only the back of their forefingers
Forefingers must remain in contact with the cane at all times
They must only support the cane on the underside - fingers are not allowed to be placed on the top of the cane
That's it!
Sounds simple! Watch for ages in delight as the cane rises despite their best efforts! This game /challenge can run anything from 5 to 30 minutes. You can do this one patrol at a time so they can all watch, or have all Patrols attempt at the same time.


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