Electric Fence Challenge

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A rope is tied across the room. A team must use the limited resources they have to cross the rope without making contact with it. They must get the whole team across, without leaving anyone behind.


2x 6ft spars and 3No lashings (2No lashings are used to tie across the hall/ room). Foam mats for floor. Depending on height I might be tempted to put scouts in helmets.


Set the Scene: The rope across the hall is an electric fence. The team have to get across the fence is a set period of time. (this challenge can run from 15mins to 45mins depending on how much help is given). The team need a leader, he must know that the challenge is only half about getting across the fence, and half about how the team works together. There can be no touching of the fence. If this happens either start again or decide what to do with the dead member of the team. Important not to trivialise, this is a simple challenge but needs the team to work together and think about it.

The correct solution:

Using the two spars, held together as a platform or bench in the arms of the other team members, all except 2 members of the team can be lifted up and hop the fence. It might be worth to have a leader at the other end, or suitable mats for the first person's jump. After this, they help each other.

The last 2 members of the team need to lash the top of the 2No spars together (square lashing might be best, or a tension lashing for speed) making a rough A' shape the pass one end to their team mates who hold it still. The idea is now to run up one leg of the A and hop over the rope. Their team-mates need to hold the frame firmly and some be available to help support the jump.


Let the team develop their own ideas and just give hints. Mostly the teams can figure out a way to get the majority of the team over, but they need to think of how to end.

This works well with river crossing puzzles and team working.


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