Bendy Man Phone Holder

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A man made out of thick padded garden wire, decorated with beads and tinsel pipe cleaners, to be shaped into numerous positions to hold a phone or other small objects. Could be given as a present.


Per person:
3 varying lengths of thick padded garden wire (precut)
Tinsel pipe cleaners (one was used for the hair)


1. Take the longest piece of garden wire, 2/3 become body and 1/3 becomes a leg by bending.
2. Take next longest piece of wire and wrap around middle 1/3 to make 2 arms.
3. Take the shortest piece of wire and make other leg.
4. Shape top 1/3 of longest wire into a head.
5. Wrap small bit of tinsel pipe cleaner to head to create hair (optional).
6. Bead can be placed on arms and legs if wished.



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