Gilly Suits

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Scouts make their own 'home made' gilly suits


Hessian sheets or close weave netting (optional scissors, safety pins, rubber bands)


Scouts can do this either in pairs, small groups or patrols (we find it works best with just one gilly suit per patrol). We take the Scouts to a wooded area and give them the hessian sheets (and optional equipment) they then make a gilly suit per group by covering a willing member in the hessian cloth and the poking lots of greener through it. A leader then takes each gilly suited scout away and helps them hide (near to each other so it fairer). The other scouts then have to try and find them the patrols/group/pair are then given points based on how long it took to find their patrol/pair/group member.


  • Camouflage
  • Gilly suit
  • Stealth
  • woodland game
  • woods

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