Minefield challenge

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A game for team work and problem solving


some small billies with wire overhandles. A hanger. Some lengths of cord, a few rubber bands, and a few other items to act as 'red herrings'.


Set out an area as a minefield by taping some masking tape to the floor or laying rope down. Set three or four (depending on how many sixes/patrols you have) billies in the middle in various places, maybe on a chair etc. The cubs are told that these billies contain essential supplies, but that they cannot enter the 'minefield' as it is too dangerous. They must use the items on the floor to obtain them. The obvious way would be to tie string to each end of the hanger and use two team members at either side of the minefield to 'hook' the billies and carry them out. However, there could be a range of solutions, depending on the red herrings you have provided!!!


  • Problem solving
  • scenario
  • survival

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