Beavers from Mars

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An Evening themed on Mars and Martians


Lots of Imagination!

- sheet of fun facts about Mars (attached)
- plain paper and crayons for drawing
- 4-6 pipe cleaners per Beaver and some silver foil (to make Martian Antennae)
- Digestive (or similar) biscuits plus cake icing and decorations for Martian Biscuits and kitchen towels/paper plates for Beavers to take biscuits home


(1) Talk through fun facts about Mars as Beavers arrive to get them into the spirit of the Mars theme.
(2) Travelling to Mars. Beavers lie on the floor, side by side in groups of 2 or 3. Count down to "lift off", talk through blast off and going up into orbit. Then get the Beavers moving around "weightlessly" before strapping themselves for the landing on Mars.
(3) Beavers draw a picture of what Martians might look like, where they might live, what their pets might look like and how they might travel to Earth, what they might eat etc etc
(4) You too can be a Martian (make antennae). You will need 4-6 pipe cleaners per Beaver. Take 2 pipe cleaners and join them at both ends to make a circle. Joins can be made by carefully twisting the ends together, just make sure there aren't any sharp bits sticking out. Check the fit of the circle and adjust as necessary. Ideally you want it to sit just above the ears and the wearer's hairline. Add the antennae to the ring by twisting more pipe cleaners in the ends. You can give the antennae a slight forward bend to make them look more realistic. Finally add some scrunched up foil or glued on balls of crepe paper to the end of each antennae.
(5) Making Martian Biscuits. Decorating biscuits with a Martian theme - lots of bright colours and silver balls. One biscuit per Beaver
(6) Martian Footsteps (as Grandmother's) and Martian Beaver Says (as Simon)


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