Skittle Rounders

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Indoor rounders game, where players can be caught out or fielded out by knocking over a skittle


Tennis Ball
4 Chairs


- Place the four chairs as bases in a square, facing into the middle of the hall.
- Each chair should be diagonally opposite another chair.
- Place the skittle exactly in the middle.
- One team is the fielding team and one the batting team.
- The fielding team should spread out around the hall, with one person standing on each of the chairs and a bowler.
- One at a time, the bowler bowls the ball to a batter, who hits it with their hand and proceeds to run around the four chairs until home to get a rounder. There are some important rules:

** For safety, a strict rule of no batters touching the chairs as they run around must be enforced **

- A batter may be caught out straight off of their hit.
- If the ball does not go forward after being hit, the batter is out.
- The batter can be out if any member of the fielding team on a chair knocks the skittle over with the ball. The aim is for the fielders to get the ball to someone on the chairs. Each time they miss, if they throw the ball sensibly it will bounce to their opposite team mate on a chair who can also try and get the batter out.
- There is no stopping at bases, it's a whole rounder or nothing.
Fielders must not impeded the path taken by the batter.

Once all of the batters are out, swap round.

*** An alternative is to remove the skittle and require the ball to be thrown and caught between all of the people on the chairs in any order, but the ball must however end up at the last (4th) base last. ***



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