Trail bars

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Rapid Recipe - Cook energy high trail bars
(From Scout magazine - June/July 2013)


Dried - 100g rolled oats; 25g Rice Crispies; 125g dried fruit; chopped; 90g dessicated coconut; 4 crushed Weetabix
Heated - 175g brown sugar; 6tbsp honey; 6tbsp golden syrup; 200g butter
Bowl, wooden spoon, tablespoon, weighing scales, tins, greaseproof paper, pan, heat source (we used single burners, but campfire would be great)


Line a tin with greaseproof paper (we greased with the used butter wraps).
Measure out and mix the dried ingredients together in the bowl.
Measure out and mix the ingredients to be heated, and cook over a heat source for 5 mins until everything has melted.
Combine everything.
Press into the prepared tin.
Leave to cool and then cut into bars.


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