Paper Shuffle

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This games is for cubs to work as a team. Taken from


For each six:
2 sheets of paper for each scout
1 extra sheet of paper
(could use sticks or rocks)


Define a starting line and a finish line about 10-15 feet away.
Lay the sheets of paper down in single file at the starting line and perpendicular to it - number of people X 2 + 1 sheets.
Can be played as a competition between patrols.
Patrols line up single file at the starting line with the first scout standing on the first two sheets of paper, the next scout on the next two, and so on.
There should be one extra sheet of paper at the end of the line.
On the 'GO' signal, the last scout picks up the extra sheet of paper and passes it up to the lead scout.
The lead scout moves his rear foot forward onto the new piece of paper.
All other scouts follow suit so there is an empty sheet at the end again.
Sheets continue to be passed up as the patrol makes its way to the finish line.

After trying it once, reflect on different ways to improve the time and try again.


  • paper
  • team work

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