Penny Games

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Various activities involving Pennies and other Coins


Big pile of 1p & 2p pieces
Selection of foreign coins / wax crayons / thin paper
Table / Lining paper


Divide Beavers into Lodges, and set up 4 bases; 1 leader/YL per base:

1. Foreign Coin Rubbing; Max some wax rubbings of foreign coins. Talk about where the coins came from, etc., talk about how the coin designs often include things unique to that Country.
2. Coin spinning; See if the Beavers can figure out how to spin a 2p coin on its edge (some will, some won't). You can have 'coin battles', so see if one coin can knock another over, or which can spin for the longest.
3. Shove ha'penny; Stick the lining paper on the table. Draw 'scoring zones' on the paper (lines, circles, squares, etc.) each marked with points. Beavers have to 'shove' their 2p pieces to try and get them to stop in the different scoring zones
4. Coin stacking. Try to make the tallest tower of 1p pieces. Get the Beavers to think about how to make the tallest tower (neat stacking, bigger base, etc.) and then to talk about why their tower eventually fell over.

Rotate the bases after 5-10 minutes.

After bases, play a game, with the Beavers remaining in their lodges.

1. Give each lodge a cup of 20 1p coins
2. Each Beaver in turn takes a coin and hides it in one of their hands
3. Beaver walks to their leader and holds out both hands
4. If leader guesses which hand the coin is in, the leader keeps the coin
5. Repeat for next Beaver
6. Stop game after 10? minutes. Lodge with the most coins remaining is the winner!


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