Poverty game

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A game showing 3 different families' backgrounds and different money scenarios.


Play money
Bases - Bills, Food, Petrol, Nights out, Food Bank


Beavers split into groups (I used 3 lodges)
Each group is given a short background on their family and finances (1 family both work full time, earn roughly 250-400per week, 1 family work part time - earns roughly £125-200per week, 1 family lost their jobs and live on benefits - roughly £50-80per week)

Each group must pay their bills first (Make up amount) and then they have to buy food (make up amount - benefits group may not always be able to afford their food) Same with petrol/nights out.

By the end of the week/month the group on benefits need to be made to visit the food bank, the part time wager cannot go on nights out every week and the full time earner although can afford to do everything, might not always have much left to go into savings at the end of the week/month.

Then at the end of the game ask the children if they would know who was on full time, part time and benefits money just by looking at them? Then ask who wants to help those that cannot always afford to feed themselves and how they could do this.


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