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hit the ball on the lid


two teams of 4


aim of the game
split the team in 4 or 2

place a lid on each end near the goal line
if you on the left side you can go right line, if you on the other side you can go to other line

they cant goes pass the other line points will goes down by 1 point

no ones can sit or stand near the goal if the team touch the lid points goes down by 1 point

on the start of the game is one player from both teams comes to middle of the hall.

ref can throws the ball in the air.

when a player get the ball, he have to chuck to another player in his team. no running with the ball.

4 sec hold on the ball. aim of the game pass the ball quick and shoot,

best way is 3 ball touch or just shoot.

there no draw of the game, if comes a draw then its pens goals, but no goal keeper.


  • ball game
  • Lids
  • team building
  • team work

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