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Beaver Air Activities Badge
(note - old badge system only!)
(Also Covers Stage 1 of the new Air Activities for All Sections)




1. In the previous week, ask each Beaver (email the parents!) to find out something about a famous aeroplane (or pilot), etc.

2. Coming In Games: Print out attached mazes & pictures for colouring (could also do an air-themed wordsearch, etc.)

3. After Riverbanks, discuss planes with the Beavers: Who has been on a plane or knows someone who has / who knows something interesting / ask the Beavers to say what they found out, or show their pictures/books/etc. (20 mins)

4. Show the attached Powerpoint with lots of different planes and other things that 'fly' (10 mins)

5. Make paper aeroplanes. Either the classic 'dart' or something a bit more difficult (lots of patterns available on the web). Each Beaver should make 3 - 4 planes (15 mins)

6 Game: Split Beavers into Lodges and line them up. In front of each lodge, place 3 hoola-hoops on the floor in a line. Each Beaver throws their 3 planes towards their hoops. If a plane lands inside, or is touching the nearest hoop (even by a little bit), score 2 points. For the middle hoop score 5 points and the furthest hoop 10 points. After each Beaver has thrown their 3 planes, add up all the points. This is not a race; emphasise care/skill! Make sure the lodges are balanced, so each lodge throws the same number of planes (give smaller lodges extra planes, or ask a YL to join them) (10 mins)

7. In-flight Refreshments: Line up chairs in rows with an aisle down the centre, so it looks like seats on a passenger jet. Serve the Beavers drink / snack, pretending to be air crew. Have leader in front being the pilot. Lots of actions - taking off, turning, landing. Air crew can do a flight safety briefing! (15 mins)


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