Cave Rescue

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Based upon the scenario of caving activity


The group need harnesses, ropes and helmets, the majority if the group will be blindfolded.


You have been out with a group of scouts, half of you were rock climbing, the others were caving. On returning to the bus you have found a member of the other group missing, assumed left in the Cave. The leader is panicking, it is up to you to find the lost individual and provide first aide if required.

The challenge will take place going under tables or up stairs and into unfamiliar rooms.

You will need to guide your group, some of whom cannot see in the gloom.

You need to find the lost person, who will be calling out but in a quiet croaky voice. They will be okay but shaken and cold. They need to be gotten out before they develope shock.

There is a crash and your return route is blocked. You must navigate the team out of the window (abseil set up and managed by a trained leader) Some of the team will need to keep on the blindfolds. [This element can be omitted if you don't have the resources. divert them trhough a different room with more obsticles or vary the injury to the lost person?]

Success at the bottom when all are well and lost boy/ girl is wrapped in a blanket.

You will need:

Volunteer for lost person
5x helmets
5x harnesses
3x blindfolds
Volunteer as leader of the group
Abseil equipment and trained leader
Imagination from the group

On the De-brief discuss how they really would have reacted to this situation? Was it safe for them to go back into the cave for their friend. How did they manage as a group.


  • abseiling
  • blindfolded
  • dark
  • imagination
  • lost
  • shock
  • teamwork

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