International Aid Game

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Beavers work in Lodge teams to 'raise money' to buy items needed for an international aid effort
[Based on game from 'Let's Play Cooperative Games' by Terry Watson]


Large dice
Monopoly money
Shopping list for each lodge (InternationalAidGame attachment)
Pictures of aid supplies appearing on the shopping list (InternationAidGameShop attachment)


Each lodge has a shopping list of things they need to buy e.g. tents, blankets, first aid supplies, food, medicines, with associated price, giving a fundraising total target.
Lodges take it in turns to roll the dice, and raise £100 for each spot shown (Monopoly money)
At any time they can use the money they have raised to buy an item from the stores
Winning lodge is the first to buy all the items on their list.


  • charity, international, global,
  • friendship challenge

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