Will it disolve

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Experiment with different substances, seeing if they dissolve


- Salt
- Sand
- Water
- Coffee
- Flour
- Sugar
- Small Containers
- Spoons
- Cloth To Wipe Up
- Buckets


Gather equipment off list and photocopy 1 worksheet per Beaver Scout
Before you start doing the experiments talk with the Beaver Scouts about what a solid and a liquid is before you start. Also read through the worksheet with the Beaver Scouts so that they understand what they have to do
The Beaver Scouts work in small groups trying the experiments. At the end of the experiments talk with the Beaver Scouts about the results and their predictions were correct. It is a good idea to have a bucket of water to refill the containers after each substance has been added and a empty bucket to tip the previous experiment in.
Keep a cloth handy as there is almost always a spill.



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