Halloween bingo

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Bingo with Halloween characters


For each player, print out one Halloween bingo game card and a page of Halloween bingo game pictures, or both pages if you decide to use them. The player should then make their own unique bingo card by cutting out the pictures and selecting 24 to glue onto the squares of their game card. Instead of gluing a picture in the center square, they should write FREE. You could do this in advance to save some time.


You also need to print out a page (or both pages) of the pictures for the caller to use once you start playing the game. Cut them all out and place them into any container. You may also want to cut small squares from colored paper to use as game markers or use beans.

Start the game by having everyone cover the free space on their bingo cards. The caller should then pull one picture out of the container and show it to all of the players. Any players who have that picture on their bingo card should cover it. The caller should then continue pulling pictures out of the bucket and showing them to everyone.

The game continues in this fashion until someone covers up five pictures in a row either diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. That person should then call out BINGO and the caller should check to make sure that all of the pictures they covered were indeed called. That person is then the winner of the game


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