Scavenger hunt in Weybridge (Surrey) town

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Following a trail from base, around town and back again. Photos of different things are printed onto a few sheets of paper. There is a word missing in each photo and the Beaver has to fill in the blanks. Split the group into team 1 and 2, then group the teams into 3/4 in each section. No prize, just for fun.


Pre-printed photos and edited.
A map for each lodge/group.
Pencil for each lodge/group.
Leaders map showing instructions and the danger spots and where to cross the road.


Follow the map, finding the words in numerical order, find the missing words and add to the answer sheet. In groups of three, one has answer sheet with a clipboard, one reads the map and one looks at the photos. It's all about teamwork. Need a drink for halfway as they get quite tired. Took 80 minutes of actual walking (that was rushing the last 15 mins) but need at least 15 minutes at the start, putting in groups, reading rules etc.


  • fitness
  • local
  • local area
  • map reading
  • team work
  • teamwork
  • trail
  • Treasure Hunt

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