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Beaver Safety Day/Afternoon in bases

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Extra meeting at weekend or holiday to go round bases to cover all aspects of the Safety Badge.



8 bases altogether, run by leaders & young leaders plus external visitors.

1) Visual Safety, use of reflective clothing - Community Police Visit - the boys had to identify good/bad clothing
2) Home Safety - find the hazards in all rooms/garden (spot the hazards on pre printed sheets)
3) Fire Safety - multiple choice answers - run to the "true" statement & fire safety snakes & ladders game
4) First Aid - first response DR ABC. All got to practice the recovery position
5) Visit by Railway Personnel - talking about dangers near to a railway/train
6) Water Safety
7) Bicycle Safety
8) Personal Safety - use of computers / bullying / childline / stranger danger etc

Drink & biscuits in the middle.

Invite Ambulance / Police / Fire / Air Ambulance etc to visit if they are able. We "borrowed" a high school for the day.


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