Beaver (& animal) Information

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To help Beavers understand the background history to being in a colony. What a Beaver is, lives, does. How beaver scouts were formed, why we do certain activities eg colony circle, build a dam.


Beaver Log Books (or photocopies). Beaver information paperwork (History of Beaver Scouts). Pencils, crayons, height chart. Woodland animal reading book. Promise game name tags. FS15505 Beaver fact sheet.


begin with asking what they already know and expand on that using the fact sheet and history sheets. Give out log books for them to complete first couple of pages. Bring back together discuss and either move on or extend to next week (I did over two weeks). They particularly enjoyed lying down on sheets of wallpaper and getting friends to draw around them - these will be compared in size for when they leave to go to cubs.


  • activities
  • Activities with others
  • beaver information
  • beavers
  • beliefs and Attitudes
  • Chat
  • discussions
  • Drawing
  • follow themes
  • fun
  • global
  • learning
  • Listening to others
  • log books
  • measuring
  • play games
  • promise
  • reading
  • working in pairs
  • writing

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