'Pillow' Box with tea bags

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Make Pillow Boxes from 160 gram paper, cut out shape which has a pre-printed 'tea bag' poem on it, score dotted lines, decorate and glue side. Fill with tea bags and distribute to elderly residents of a local home.


160 gram paper [coloured or white to suit the season]; decorations; strong thin double sided tape; tea bags


Photocopy template on to 160 gram paper/card - one for each person. Cut out shape carefully. Score on all dotted lines [Cubs used plastic lolly sticks]. First fold shape in half then carefully tease the semi-circle shapes in at the ends - these will be used right at the end of the project. Decorate box with small Christmas trimmings, Chickens for Easter time, etc. Place about 10 tea bags in each box and fold in end, which should sort of snap in. One end could be glued so that the bags don't slip out. Our Cubs will then distribute these 'pillow boxes' to the elderly, together with a Christmas Card, in December. These boxes can be filled with something different - Easter Eggs, etc. for a similar event. This activity can be spread over two evenings so as not to rush things. Enjoy - we did.


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