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talking about achievements




Young People should get in to groups of 3-4 people whom they are comfortable with. Each person should be given a minute’s thinking time and they should think about an achievement or accomplishment they have had in the past. This must be something personal to them. It can involve others but it must be something that they are personally proud of.
Then each Scout stands up and gives a 3-4 minute to talk about the achievement or accomplishment – they must boast as much as they can - really big it up!
Once the Scout has finished speaking the other members of the group clap at their achievement.
If Scouts have difficulty thinking about something to talk about then other members of the group can encourage them through questioning. Alternatively, they can choose from a category (such as school work, family, friendship, Scouting, sport, or computer games) before speaking.
How to tailor up: Explain to the Scouts that achievements are something to shout about.
How to tailor down: Ask how they felt before they had to speak and how it felt after they had to speak? Remind them that everyone should


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