Reflections for Remembrance Days

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YP write their own reflections for Remembrance Day or ANZAC Day on handprints cut out of green paper. These are shared with the group and then made into large poppies


Red, Green & Black Card or Paper, Templates, Scissors, Pens or Pencils


1. YP draw around their hands on green paper and cut out the shape.
2. YP write a short prayer or reflection about Remembrance on their cut out.
3. Each YP is given the opportunity to read their work to the whole group (if they want to)
4. The hands are then attached to the poppy template


Instead of attaching the hands to the poppy template, attach them to a round cake board, circle of cardboard or wood to make a wreath. The centre of the "wreath" could include words like "ABC Pack will Not Forget" which then can be laid as part of a "Remembrance Day" or "ANZAC Day" Service either has part of your Remembrance/ANZAC Day program or has part of a formal civic service if allowed


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