Midnight Bucket Ball

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A game played in the dark using glow sticks, the objective is to get the glowing ball into the glowing bucket.


Lots of glow sticks, enough to give half the Scouts one colour and half another colour.
A ball onto which you can attach more glow sticks.
Two buckets
A whistle


You need an open room clear from any obstacle, which you can make really dark!

At each end of the room stand a bucket with glow sticks (already cracked) around the rim.
Split the Scouts into two teams and give them a glow stick to put on their wrist (or wrists if you have enough).
Get the players to gather around their bucket and turn the light off.
Introduce a ball which also has glow sticks attached to it.
The aim is to get the ball into the other teams bucket, that earns you a point.

If the whistle is blown, everyone must stop where they are.

Play to 5 points.


  • ball
  • Glow sticks
  • Light
  • Lighting
  • teams
  • two teams

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