Andrzejki – The Night Before St. Andrew’s Day

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29/30 November in Poland is the day of mysterious parties with the candles and future telling games, called Andrzejki (St Andrew Day)– the same as in the very past, but nowadays treated as a fun.There are hundreds of ideas of how to find out about the future, namely the marriage, lucky or unlucky love and prosperous or poor perspectives. The most popular practices are wax pouring and shoes competition.


pot (to melt the candles)
bucket or bowl with cold water
key with a hollow key head
vegetable peeler


Get a candle and melt it until you get nice, hot, pourable wax. Prepare a dish of cold water. Get a key with a hollow key head. Stick the key into the hand of a person who wants to know her future and steadily pour the wax into the water through the hole in the key. The wax will float and cool and when it’s properly cooled off, you take it out and examine its shadow. And that shadow is supposed to tell you what will happen in the future. The shape of the shadow gives the opportunity for unlimited interpretation, which is fun for all participants. For example: if the shadow resembled an angel it meant happiness, a star was for good luck and a heart signified a great love.
Peel an apple and throw the skin – it will form the first letter of the name of your future wife or husband.
3. Shoe competition
Shoes are arranged one after another along the wall and moved gradually one after another in the direction of the door. The first pair on the doorstep will belong to the person who will get married as first.


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