2 minutes silence

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Beavers count in their heads to see if they can work out how long 2 minutes is


Timer / counter set for two minutes. Or a watch with a second had will do.


Explain to Beavers that as sign of respect, we hold a 2 minutes silence at the Remembrance Service
You could ask them if they know how many seconds there are in one minute, and in two minutes
Stand the Beavers up
Tell them that you are going to count down from 3 to 1 and then they need to try to count two minutes in their heads
And they need to sit down when they think two minutes is up
When everyone has sat down, name the beavers who were spot on, just a little early, or just a little late.
You could tell than that at the service, the 2 minutes start and end will be signalled, and ask them to suggest the sorts of things they might like to think about during the 2 minutes silence


  • Remembrance Day Service

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