Bean Bag Quidditch

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Based on Harry Potter's game of Quidditch using beanbags.


Red beanbag (Quaffle), yellow beanbag (Snitch), 2 blue beanbags (Bludgers), chalk (to mark play zone and rings/hoops on wall)


Appoint 2 teams, each with 8 -10 players. Each player can move within designated areas and each has a specific role. 1 Keeper (to defend rings/hoop); 1 Seeker (trying to intercept the snitch thrown across the play zone by leaders to each other); 3 or more Chasers pass Quaffle around and try to score in rings; 2 Bludgers try to hit Chasers below the knee with blue beanbags; Beaters defend Chasers from getting hit.

30 points scored for getting the Quaffle into central hoop/ring and 10 points for the outer rings
5 points scored for hitting opposing team Chasers below the knee with Bludgers
50 points scored if Seeker intercepts the Snitch

The game needs some explaining to begin with, then gets quite frantic with beanbags flying in all directions at the same time.


  • emergency game

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