Photo scavenger hun

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Run a photo scavenger hunt – take photos of key local landmarks, e.g. the highest place, darkest place, cheapest place, greenest, most musical.
The Essex Challenge 2014 -


Camera for each team (ones with flashes work best at night!!!)


The Essex Challenge 2014 -

In teams, challenged your Explorer Scouts to make their way round their local area and photograph themselves in

The highest place
The lowest place
The lightest place
The darkest place
The driest place
The deepest place
The greenest place
The smoothest place
The roughest place
The squarest place
The roundest place
The cheapest place

The priciest place
The biggest place
The smallest place
The most musical place
The quietest place
The cheesiest place
The dirtiest place
The cleanest place
The fluffiest place
The spikiest place
The hottest place
The coldest place

Information: Extra marks can be awarded for clever and witty interpretations of the above and lateral thinking!

Remember to keep safe (and legal!) Remind all the teams to stick together and that the content of the photographs must be appropriate.



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