Office chair bowline race

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Hold an office chair bowline race – pull an Explorer along on an office chair with a bowline round the waist, if snowing, use a sledge and do it outdoors.
The Essex Challenge 2014 -


Office Chairs, carpet or sledges and a thick rope - one per team


The Essex Challenge 2014 -

First the Explorer Scouts will need to know how to tie a bowline. See the factsheet Scout Skills - Simple knots Split the Section into teams who form relay queues. The first Explorer from each team runs to the other end of the hall carrying one end of the rope and wheeling the chair.

When they get to the end the Scout sits on the chair facing their team and ties a bowline around their waist. A Leader is behind them to secure the chair and check that the knot is tied correctly. As soon as it's tied correctly the Leader raises their arm and let’s go. The Explorer team pulls the other end of the rope to tow their Explorer back to them.

The Explorer unties the bowline and the next team member goes. The first team to get all their team back wins. This activity can also be transferred outside with a sledge.

Information: Warn the Explorers not to pull to enthusiastically as the chair will roll too quickly and the Explorer will be unable to stop!

Make sure the Leader holds on to the chair when the Explorer arrives, before they sit on it, otherwise they might slip.

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