Second hand fashion show

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Organise a second hand fashion show for the Unit – give each Explorer Scout a budget to buy clothes from a local charity shop to model. You could turn it into a fundraiser; pick a charity shop and raise funds for them, invite parents, friends, family and representatives from the charity to attend.
The Essex Challenge 2014 -


Many old clothing items
Sewing machine (optional)
Needle and Thread
Glitter, paint, scissors, sequins, etc.
Fashion magazines


The Essex Challenge 2014 -

Resources: Beforehand give each team a budget to spend in a charity shop

Instructions: Spend an evening creating fashion from old clothes.
At a previous meeting ask Scouts to bring in out-of-date items of clothing. At the meeting, rip, colour, add bits and make several 'designer' adjustments.

This could be based on a series of workshops organised by leaders/visitors on different aspects of fashion (male and female; high street and haute couture; vintage/retro and innovative/cutting edge)

Have a number of magazines and shots from the Internet lying around to help feed imaginations before the transformation begins

Arrange for parents and supporters to come early, for the fashion parade at the end of your meeting. They could even sponsor Explorers for their makeover and give the raised money to the charity shop.

Additional Information: Make it into a competition and have a prize for the best outfit



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