Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook

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Run a Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook cooking competition on a Chinese theme.
You could invite the District Commissioner and other members of the District team to taste the concoctions
The Essex Challenge 2014 -


Pots and pans
Serving plates


The Essex Challenge 2014 -

Split the Unit up into smaller teams.

Set up the area you have with tables and identical ingredients for each team.

Depending on the size of your Unit, and also the quantity of equipment you have available, you could split the team to make a starter, some teams do the main course and some make the desert. This means that everyone is involved with the competition.

The cooking is against the clock and the teams will be judged on everything from teamwork, cleanliness, quality of food right through to presentation.

Use the Chinese theme for the food for this activity This activity could take place indoors or outdoors

Additional Information: Ask the Network Members to judge each of the teams on the criteria and it is always nice to have a prize for the winners. This activity could develop into a district competition between units.



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