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As a Unit climb the height of Everest, or row the length of the Thames, or cycle the distance of the Tour de France, or run the length of the London Marathon. Work with some Scout Network members to complete the challenge.
The Essex Challenge 2014 - www.essexscouts.org.uk/Challenge


Climbing wall / Rowing machine / Exercise Bike / Running Machine


The Essex Challenge 2014 - www.essexscouts.org.uk/Challenge

Set the unit a challenge to complete one of the following:
- Climb the 29029ft of Everest.
- Cycle the 3479km of the Tour de France
- Row the 215 miles of the River Thames
- Run the 26.2 Miles of a marathon
- Cycle the 54 Miles of the London to Brighton Bike ride.
- Or another challenge similar to these.

The challenge will depending on the size of the unit or district, do not make it unachievable. Ensure that the activity is continuous.

Additional Information: You may want to contact a local Gym to see if you could use their facilities so that there can be a few explorers doing it at the same time.

This could be completed as a fundraising activity with publicity for the unit and the Gym.



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