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Architecture Attack with borrowed art– make the Eiffel Tower out of newspaper and pyramids out of sand etc.
The Essex Challenge 2014 - www.essexscouts.org.uk/Challenge


Craft equipment
Coloured paper for background
Cameras Pens & Paper


The Essex Challenge 2014 - www.essexscouts.org.uk/Challenge

Before the meeting, ask each Member of the Unit to bring three items of their own choice from home (nothing too valuable). Make sure they are as random and unconnected as possible Start the meeting by sending your Explorer Scouts out in groups of three to collect unusual material found lying around your Meeting Place. Participants should be made aware that the collected material will be used for creating sculpture

Natural material is preferable but other more unusual items should not be overlooked

Warn participants about the dangers of sharp objects such as glass and needles, which may be lying around

Each group should get creative on their own art project using the materials that they have collected. Have some craft equipment available to help connect everything

The artists should name each sculpture, and describe what it represents, what feelings they are trying to express and the significance and meaning of the materials that they have used in its creation

Set the gallery mood by hanging some famous artwork posters around the Meeting Place, and to add visual impact to the artwork you could provide different coloured sheets that the Explorer Scouts use as a background for their sculptures

Take photographs of all the finished artwork. These can then be mounted and framed and displayed around your Meeting Place.

Additional Information: Do make the activity simple make a land mark out of specific objects



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