Fun with Fitness (Cube)

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Run your own challenge event in the style of ITV’s ‘The Cube’. Create your own ‘Challenge Cube’ and set up a series of simple, yet tricky trials
The Essex Challenge 2014 -


Soft ball - large
Soft ball - small
White paper
Masking Tape
Laminated panel
Weighted ball
2 x 10 coloured balls (i.e. Red & white)
Bench or beam
Tape measure
Red squares of paper
Box with a hole just larger than the balls
Jenga Blocks
Spike or small pole


The Essex Challenge 2014 -

This can be played either individually (depending on Leader cover for bases) or as small groups.

- They start initially with 9 lives and 1 trial run.
- They have a series of 7 challenges to try and complete and each challenge will be worth points (to be decided on Leaders beforehand).
- Players can opt to walk away with the points they have gained after any challenge is complete. However they could lose those

Additional Information: Depending on your resources these can be played both indoors or outdoors (depending on weather) but these can also be easily adapted for smaller areas of play. The cube area’s can be marked out on the floor using masking tape or chalk and these are usually 4x4 metres square.

The Cube Challenge Games

Capture - The player must stand in one corner of The Cube, holding a container. From the opposite corner a ball will be thrown at the player at an unknown time. They must catch the ball in the container without it going outside The Cube’s parameter or the container touching the floor.

Direction - The player must walk from one corner of The Cube to the other following a path 30 centimetres wide. However the player is blindfolded. If the player steps out of the path a life is lost.

Ricochet - The player must stand in a marked zone and bounce a ball off a panel on the wall and catch it with the same hand to succeed. If they step outside of the marked area they also lose a life.

Time Freeze - The player will hold a stopwatch in their hand faced downwards after the player thinks 10 seconds has passed they will stop the stopwatch. They have a 1 second margin so if they stop the stopwatch between 9.5 and 10.5 seconds they have succeeded.

Cylinder - The player must bounce a ball into a container in the middle of The Cube. They can stand anywhere in The Cube.

Dead Stop - The player must throw a weighted ball onto a raised platform the ball must come to a complete stop without falling off to complete this challenge.

Exchange - In the centre of the cube is two boxes one containing 10 red balls and one containing 10 white balls (balls can be any colour as long as all the balls are the same in that box). The
player has 20 seconds to swap the balls in each box and can only pick one ball in each hand.

Blind shot - The player must throw a ball over a barrier (that they cannot see through) into a container on the other side. The player may look around this barrier to gauge the position of the container but must stand in the shooting zone when throwing the ball.

Drop Zone - From a height of 18 inches, the player must drop a ball into the cylinder below. Even if this bounces off the sides of the cylinder into the cylinder this is still a win.

Equilibrium - The player must balance a small ball on a tile whilst making their way across The Cube touching 4 red squares marked on the floor and returning to the starting zone without dropping the ball.

Poise - The player must balance on a beam in the centre of The Cube, on one foot for 10 seconds. If they put the other foot down they lose a life.

Aperture - In the centre of The Cube is a tray holding 20 balls and a box containing a hole in one side that is just a bit bigger than the balls. The player has 30 seconds to put all the balls in the box using only one hand.

Construction - The player must build a vertical column of 10 rods in the centre of The Cube. When all the rods have been placed the player must take their hands away and say ‘clear’. The column
must remaining standing for 2 seconds for this to be successful.

Multi-sphere - In the centre of The Cube is a cylinder containing 20 balls. The player lifts the cylinder to release the ball onto the floor. The player must then pick up the balls and place them back in the cylinder within 20 seconds.

Rebound - A table must be played against a wall. The player must roll a ball along the table so it bounces off the wall and rolls back and it must stop between a line marked on the table and the edge of the table.

Spike - The player must stand in the marked area on the floor of The Cube and throw a hoop/ring over a spike near the opposite corner.

Structure - Using Jenga blocks build a tower which is 3 arches on the bottom, then 2 arches, then 1 arch on the top. The player has 20 seconds to reconstruct the tower next to where the original tower is built

Barrier - Using 2 chairs facing each other about 1 metre apart, tie a piece of string knee height, between the opposite facing legs to create two barriers. The player is blindfolded and must step over each barrier without touching the string.

Pathfinder - Create a Grid in The Cube 4 x 4 each square being 1 metre squared. On a piece of paper create a smaller replicate of the grid and create a route from one point to another. The player is then given the grid with the route on and has 10 seconds to memorise it. Once they have had it taken away they must trace the route through the grid step by step without taking a step wrong.

Stabilise - The player must walk along a 3 metre beam (upturned wooden bench) without falling off. The player must touch a white area at the start and end zones and finish in a marked area at
the end of the beam.



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