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Play the Chopstick Challenge – use chopsticks to move rice from one location to another. Play in teams and hold a relay race. Once you've had a go with rice, have a go with wasabi peas.
The Essex Challenge 2014 - www.essexscouts.org.uk/Challenge


Tubs - one per team plus one in the middle with the rice in it
Chopsticks - one set per person.
Lots of grains of rice!
Weighing Scales


The Essex Challenge 2014 - www.essexscouts.org.uk/Challenge

Divide the group into up to 6 teams.

Give each team a name of a rice producing country (e.g. Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China).

Allocate each team an area as their territory and give them a container to use as their rice bank. Place all the rice grains in the centre of the activity area.

The object of the game is for each team to collect as many grains of rice as they and get them back to their country rice bank.

Team members should defend their rice bank, as teams from other countries may try to collect rice from other the opposing rice banks.

Team members are allowed to carry only one grain of rice in any one journey and they must only use chopsticks.

If any grains are dropped they must be retrieved using chopsticks.

When the time is up each country’s rice grains are counted.

The winning team is the one with most rice grains.

You could weigh the rice as opposed to counting the grains

Additional Information: This game can be a great way of opening the discussion around other countries food and culture.

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Finding out how much we pay in a supermarket for rice compared to how much the rice farmers get for their crop. Compare the price of Fairtrade rice products with other producers.



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