World Toilet Day 2013

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It may sound a bit silly – but toilets can change everything. Without a toilet, how can anyone hope to stay healthy? Germs in human waste spread disease and open defecation make living conditions intolerable. And, without a private toilet, women and girls are vulnerable to human and animal attack.

Toilets can be taken for granted, and so they should be. They are one of the most basic human rights, yet one in three of the world's population don't have one.

This week, we'll be doing lots of fun (and yes, alright, just a little bit silly) activities all about toilets!


For "decorating toilet seats":
- toilet seat templates
- coloured pencils or similar (Cubs should take their Six box around the activities with them so they will have coloured pencils)

For "Clean water and toilet fundraising":
- large sheet of paper (one per Six)
- marker pens to write on ideas

For "The Water Family Game":
- laptop
- internet access (eg. a 3g dongle)
- website:

For "How well do you wash your hands?":
- a UV lamp
- 'glo-gel'
- soap and a hand basin

For the "Poo Song":
- recording of the song
- copies of the words


(5 mins) Introduce the Cubs to World Toilet Day. Explain that although tonight is going to be a bit silly and lots of fun, their are millions of people in the world who don't have a toilet - or even somewhere out of their bedroom or living room where they can wee or poo. There are millions of germs in poo, and lots of people in less developed countries die every year simply because they don't have a toilet. Toilets save lives!

(40 mins) In three groups, the Cubs rotate around 4 activity bases that will take 10 minutes each. These are:

1. Decorating toilet seats
Each Cub will have a toilet seat template that they can decorate. These will be cut out at the end of the activities and stuck on the wall so that we can have our photo taken as a group with the toilets.

2. Clean water and toilet fundraising
Part of the Community Challenge Badge is about planning a fundraising event. Tell the Cubs that throughout 2014 we will be raising money for Water-Aid, a charity that works in developing countries to provide clean water and toilets for people who would not otherwise have them. Get the Cubs to come up with as many different water and/or toilet themed fundraising activities as they can.

3. The Water Family game
This is an online game that will help Cubs learn about ways in which they can save water at home. You will have a laptop and internet access so that you can play the game with each group. When you start the game select the option for a 'random family' otherwise the Cubs will spend the whole game choosing what their family will look like and no time actually doing anything!

4. How well do you wash your hands?
Get the Cubs to use the 'hand-wash' that you have with you and then send them to wash their hands. After they've done that, talk about why it's important to wash your hands, and how a lot of people don't wash their hands properly.
The 'hand-wash' is in fact a gel which will glow under UV light. So now you can use the UV lamp to show the Cubs how well (or not!) they have washed their hands!

At the end, get all the Cubs back together and (while some adults are cutting out the toilet seats and sticking them on the wall) get the Cubs to learn the Poo Song. After a few minutes, they can either record themselves singing the song in front of their new 'toilet wall' or simply have a group photo.



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