Dr. Who and the Daleks

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Game: Silly string used as dalek weapon.


2 Cardboard boxes, 2 cans of silly string, carpet squares or chalk.


Two cardboard boxes are adapted so that they fit over beavers (or your helpers) heads and bodies. They have holes cut out for their eyes giving limited vision, and two holes in the front of the body area for their arms to stick out of. There are some carpet squares laid out around the play area, (or chalk in some area if wooden floor). The beavers run around as Dr. Who's helpers escaping the daleks. The daleks "kill" them by hitting them with silly string, after first calling exterminate, eliminate. If a beaver is hit, they leave the play area. The daleks are killed by stepping into the magnetic area (carpet tiles). You can change the daleks over as you wish. You can also limit the amount of silly string that can be sprayed.


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