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For Cubs
A version of call my bluff related to Charity logos and descriptions of what that charity does.


Charity logos and bluffer crib sheets - attached.


4 "bluffers" (leaders, young leaders etc) sit at the front of the hall.
Cubs sit in teams (sixes) behind tables arranged in semi-circle - like a quiz

Question master holds up a charity logo and each of the bluffers in turn describes what the charity does. Only one gives the correct description. Cubs can discuss and bluffers can give descriptions again. On the count of three all cub teams hold up the name card of the bluffer who they think is giving the correct answer.

The person who has given the correct answer can then stand up.

As this is a bit of a treat night for us (in fancy dress too because it is children in need) I plan that every time a team gets an answer correct each person on that team will receive a chocolate button. On another night we would add up scores and at the end the team with the highest score wins.


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