GAME - Sock on a Rope

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Gathering Activity


Clean old Sock with another one stuffed in side.
Tie sock to a long rope.
Rope should not be longer than a 1/3 width of the hall


The Beaver/Cub Scouts form a circle around the leader
Leader swings the sock and rope in a circle around and the Beaver/Cub Scouts jump over the sock.
Leader should vary the speed and height of the sock and rope.
The last Beaver/Cub touched by the sock or rope wins
Give a Lodge/Six point to the winning Beaver/Cub.

(Extra bit (I hope the OP doesn't mind the addition) as there are usually a few who are very good at jumping)
When only 2 left I introduce the 'tag' aspect too.
Children move in the opposite direction to the rope and have to try and catch up with and tag the other beaver/ cub while still avoiding the rope.
Winner is either the child who does not get hit by the sock, or the one who catches the other one.

* Trips and Falls

* Ensure rope does not go near wall
* Ensure rope does not go near Leaders table
* Ask participants to space themselves out so they have room to jump
* Rope should not go above calf level



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