New Age Kurling

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A form of the original curling game, but adapted so that it can be played indoors on any smooth, flat surface, such as a sports hall, rather than on ice. Importantly, the game can be played by both able-bodied and disabled people of all ages alike.


A set of Kurling stones (4 red & 4 blue) per two teams and a smooth, flat floor. £246 in 2013 - or available through Sainsburys Active Kids scheme. Optional: target, telescopic pushers, ramp.


The game is played by pushing stones comprising of bearings along the ground towards a target with the idea being to get as many of your stones closer to the centre of the target than your opponents stones. With only one set of stones and more than two teams you could sit those waiting to play along either side of the playing area as spectators, but encourage play to be swift to prevent spectator boredom.


  • accessible
  • competitive game
  • Indoor
  • New sport
  • team game

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