Fir Cone Bird Feeder

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I decided to make it because the normal fat ball feeders for birds fall apart but by doing it this way they wont fall apart and the birds will have somewhere stable to stand whilst feeding. Here is how to make them:


Bird seed
Fir Cones (However many you would like to do)


First heat up some lard (it doesnt have to be a specific amount just as much as you think will cover the number of fir cones that you have) heat it just enough so that it is soft enough to mix bird seed in to easily.

Second mix in an amount of bird seed that you think is enough until it is mixed in evenly.

Next coat the fir cones in the mixture, make sure you can fill in some of the gaps in the fir cones so that there is more mixture for the birds to eat :)

Now rest the fir cones on to some paper to dry for a while until the mixture has stayed stuck to the fir cone.

Next put them in to an egg box to keep them the right way up and place them in to the fridge to let them set properly. Leave them over night to set :)

Finally tie string around the top with a double knot to make it secure and then tie them up where ever to like for the birds to feed on :)


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