Cheerio (cereal) Bird Feeder

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A simple bird feeder for Cub & Beavers to make


You will need:

pipe cleaners (or plain wire if your kids are older)



1. Thread the Cheerios onto your pipe cleaners. Leave a little space at each end so you have some room to work with.

2. Carefully bend your pipe cleaner into the shape of a heart. Tip: I found it easier to do this if I folded the pipe cleaner in half before putting the Cheerios on. That fold then becomes the top of your heart. Keep the bottoms open for now.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 a few more times until you have your desired number of hearts. I made three.

4. Connect your hearts and twist the ends of the pipe cleaners to close each heart.

5. Attach a ribbon to the top and find a nice spot to hang it outside.


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