Scouts Mastermind Quiz

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Scouts Mastermind Quiz. (In patrols with specialist subject and scouting knowledge)


Questions and theme music (Attached)


The week before ask each patrol to choose a specialist subject (or choose from a list Eg: Harry Potter, Lego, Dr Who, Football, Breeds of eagles etc). They can decide as a patrol how best to research their topic for the next week.

For the main game, each patrol sits around a table. Use a A4 piece of paper to stick their team name on the edge of the table. For the general knowledge/scouting round you could allow every team to answer and write the answer on paper. For the specialist subject round, act each patrol their questions in turn. Another patrol can get a chance if they don't know the answer.

Use the theme music (attached) for extra effect and use the phrase "Iv'e started so i'll finish as often as possible"


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