Thistle Patch!

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Blindfolded obstacle Course - The prickly leaved purple thistle is the national flower of Scotland. There are many legends about why the thistle was chosen. According to one story, Vikings were invading Scotland and came across a group of Scottish soldiers sleeping in a field. As the Vikings prepared to attack, they stood on a patch of thistles with their bare feet. The thorns dug into their feet and they all cried out in pain. The Scottish soldiers woke up and successfully fought off their attackers.




Divide the group into sixes. Make an obstacle course of beanbags across the playing area. These are the prickly thistles.
Each team needs to blindfold one member and stand them by the start of the obstacle course. When the game starts, the team members have to guide their blindfolded member through the ˜thistle" patch by calling out instructions, such as: ‘Two steps forward! One step left! If the blindfolded cub touches a ˜thistle" they are out, and another cub must take over, starting from the beginning.
The winner is the first team to guide a member successfully to the far side of the thistle patch.


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