Where the wild things are

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Imagination activities related to the book by Maurice Sendak, "Where the wild things are"


card with drawn mask template
“Where the wild things are” book
Hole punch,
Elastic band
Scissors, pens,
Large cardboard box


1st session:
Read/discuss the story of Max and “Where the wild things are” up to the arrival at the island and the meeting with the wild things. Working in lodges, tell beavers to think about the story. What do the animals look like, what happens to Max, what would they do if they were Max.
In lodges they need to:
Think about the animals in the island. Get Beavers to think about other options. Maybe they're not animals, maybe they're aliens, zombies,...Give them a copy of "preparation and ideas or the Mask"
Once they've thought about it, they can draw a mask representing their favourite animal/monster/alien…
Leader to cut out the mask, hole punch and tie band.
Get them to imagine what happens in the island when Max arrives. They need to prepare to act it out the following week. Questions and ideas on separate sheet. Leader to make some notes
If they have time, whey can create cardboard claws as well

2nd session
Remind beavers the story of “Where the wild things are” and the task to do

In lodges spend 10 minutes preparing a 5-minute play. Use the masks they did last week and any other props they find useful. Each group needs to decide who is Max, what happens in the island, etc.

One lodge at a time act the play

Voting: Each beaver has 3 acorns. One lodge at a time, each beaver puts the acorns in the other lodges’ bottles. They cannot vote for their own lodge and they can choose to share their acorns among more than one lodge. Leaders count the acorns in each bottle and announce winner



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