Planet Types

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Learn the different type of planets on the Solar system




Discuss the different types of planet found in our Solar System. That is Terrestrial and Giant Gas. There are Dwarf planets too but they are sometimes classed as moons of the outer giant gas planets.

Then play a game like Paper, Scissor, Stone but much larger.
Divide the Cubs into two groups. Explain that the groups must act together. Anyone not miming the same as the rest of the team will disqualify them for that round.
The mimes.
-Terrestrial planets are mimed by standing like Mr Universe.
-Giant Gas planets are mimed by standing in a star shape.
-Dwarf planets are mimed by crouching down as small as possible.

On a countdown from five the Cubs decide which pose they will take. At the end of the countdown all the Cubs in the team stand in the same 'shape'.

Terrestrial win over Giant Gas.
Giant Gas win over Dwarf
Dwarf win over Terrestrial.

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